Meet the Team

Dino Biagioni

Managing Director

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Telephone Dino: 01733 351727

Dino joined Rose Homes in August 2017 and has brought with him a wealth of experience in running several successful businesses throughout the last 30+ years. Dino opened his first successful business at the age of 21 and his enthusiasm and drive for success ensures that Rose Homes are continually progressing forward. Along with his commitment and creative flair, Dino is always looking for ways to improve our business and improve the industry as a whole. Dino has a strong reputation for people development and succession management. He believes that an effective and customer-focused service creates a formula for a successful building company. 


Fun Fact – Dino claims to have the brightest coloured shirts of anyone he has ever met.


Mark Busby

Sales & Marketing Director

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01733 351727  /  07939 204396

Mark joined Rose Homes in April 2008 having spent the previous 5 years at another house building company. Mark is a valued member of the Rose Homes team and he excels when creating a bond between him and our purchasers. Mark loves getting involved in the designing and specification of our properties and regularly works alongside our architects in the designing and setting out of our dwellings. Having also had previous experience in Land Acquisition, Mark is easily able to turn his hand to Land & Planning one minute whilst being able to switch back to property specification and interior design the next.

Fun Fact – Mark has a lot of tattoos which are all individually designed to symbolise special moments in his life including his first ever job interview, his 2 children, his wife and his own birthday. Mark is also a big Liverpool FC fan and he loves to cook.

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Stephen Buddle

Land, Planning & Technical Manager

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Telephone Stephen: 01733 351727 / 07771 686356

Stephen joined Rose Homes in August 2015 having worked the previous 25+ years in Estate Agency, Financial Services, and most recently in Land & New Homes. Stephen brought with him a vast quantity of knowledge, experience, and professionalism. His passion and excitement always shine brightly and he is always on hand to offer his thoughts, advice, and guidance on all aspects of the business. He enjoys working with our management team and external consultants to deliver successful and implementable Planning Permissions. He relishes the challenge of sourcing, acquiring, and promoting more strategic sites for future development.

Fun Fact – Stephen in his spare time is Chairman and part-time Groundsman for Ramsey Cricket Club.

Samantha Nyczka

Accounts Administrator

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Telephone Samantha: 01733 351727

Samantha joined Rose Homes in January 2021 having spent the previous 12 years working in merchandising, budgeting and data analysis. Samantha is kept busy at Rose Homes preparing the accounts, conducting the payroll, organising the payments of all of our subcontractors and making sure all the costing and analysis sheets are up to date and correct. Samantha is a very helpful and friendly member of our team, she is always willing to assist any of our staff or subcontractors with any questions or queries relating to accounts. Samantha also used to work for a popular shopping channel and has appeared on television on a few occasions.

Fun Fact – Samantha is very talented, she can play the drums, the piano, the guitar, the clarinet and the bass metallophone.

Steven Boddington

Building Manager

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Telephone Steven:

01733 351727

Steven joined Rose Homes in September 2008 having spent the previous 17 years working for another house building company. Steven is responsible for overseeing all of our sites and he brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to Rose Homes. Steven is always on hand to provide assistance to our site team and our office-based staff. Steven is very knowledgeable regarding Building Regulations and he can always overcome any issues that we may experience on site. Stevens thought process is always that we never have problems, only solutions.

Fun Fact – Steven wish is to try every Ale on the market, he supports Leeds United and he loves to cook.

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Denise Rogers

After-sales manager and Office administrator

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Telephone Denise:

01733 351727

Denise joined Rose Homes in August 2006 and she is our longest serving office staff employee. Having previously worked in the customer service sector, Denise is the ideal person to assist our purchasers with any questions and queries that they may have both before, during and after completion has occurred. Denise is our main contact for our customers who experience any after-sales issues that may arise, she is brilliant at liaising with our purchasers and our onsite and inhouse building team to make sure that any after-sales issues are rectified as quickly as possible. 

Fun Fact – Denise’s perfect evening would be to relax with a cocktail or two somewhere hot! 

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Joe Langley

Procurement Manager

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Telephone Joe – 01733 351727

Joe joined Rose Homes in October 2013 having been in the building industry since leaving school in 1996. Joe’s main role for Rose Homes is to procure all of our materials for all of our sites. Joe has a brilliant rapport with our suppliers and onsite and inhouse team members. Joe is also responsible for creating, updating and concluding our site budget programs, which helps to generate a costing analysis on a per site and per property basis. Our team are then able to conclude how much each site and even each individual property has cost us to build. With his extensive knowledge of the industry and building products in general, it makes Joe an ideal employee for everyone to work alongside. Joe has worked both out on site and in-house and his experience of the building industry as a whole makes him the perfect person for our procurement department.

Fun Fact – Joe loves to ride his motorbike and dislikes having his photograph taken.

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The Site Team


Telephone: 01733 351727

Rose Homes have excellent onsite teams who are all dedicated to building high quality, innovative and thoughtfully designed homes. All of our onsite teams have excellent relationships with our office staff as well as the subcontractors and tradesman that are employed by Rose Homes. Communication and punctuality between the site staff and our office are key and everyone at Rose Homes fully understands this. Regular office and onsite meetings are carried out so that we can make sure our build quality and close attention to detail are not disrupted in any way. Purchaser choices and purchaser completion dates are also at the full front of our meetings to make sure that our purchasers get the property they desire, to the specification they desire, within the timeframe they desire.

Fun Fact – David, one of our site managers, is the longest serving employee at Rose Homes.