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Land Required

Discover if Your Land, Property, or Garden is a Development Opportunity Goldmine!


At Rose Homes, we are always open to new development opportunities and looking to the future for our business. This is based on a good supply of land in locations throughout the Cambridgeshire region. 


If you have land to sell that may be suitable for future residential development, whatever its current use, condition or status then we would like to hear from you.


We are continuously searching for more sites with or without Planning Permission, they can be any size, but typically capable of accommodating between 4 - 50 units. However, we will consider larger sites to deliver more major developments.


We employ several professionals, including architects, designers, engineers, legal experts, and planning consultants who work alongside our own experienced team to ensure that any development proposal is pursued carefully and thoroughly. This wealth of expertise and experience means we can deliver residential Planning Permissions and promote strategic land for future development.


Our approach to planning is straight forward where we work closely with Authorities and Stakeholders, on behalf of the landowners, to deliver the best Planning Permission we can for each land opportunity.




In the vibrant and ever-changing planning environment, we must be proactive, so with policies continuously emerging from national and local planning authorities we are constantly reviewing Planning Policies to ensure that residential opportunities are financially practical and are deliverable.


Rose Homes have a wealth of experience and utilize our many years of in-house knowledge to bring successful Planning Permissions throughout the Cambridgeshire region.


We will assess each opportunity with care and consider its potential as a site for residential development.


If you own any suitable land or know of any landholdings that might be of interest to Rose Homes, we would like to hear from you.


Please contact us on 01733 351727 or 

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